BCA Survey of Business Support for the Arts

The BCA produces one of the nation’s largest surveys of its kind which delves beyond just pure numbers into the motivations behind as well as the goals of business partnerships with the arts. The specific findings from the survey are used to project national trends in support for the arts by businesses large and small across our nation. The study acts as a resource for current and potential funders of the arts, and for local advocacy organizations to encourage increased partnership between the business community and the arts. BCA has conducted the survey since 1968.

Arts Advocacy Studies and Articles

Americans for the Arts

To keep updated with weekly headlines and articles from the AFTA, please visit this link.

AFTA has a site filled with extensive knowledge and research about different policies and advocacy to show why arts benefits not only youth but also the community.

Florida Cultural Alliance

The FCA has made their proposed budget available online for the public to view. It shows how they plan to use money to fund arts education and initiatives while also mentioning the effects it will have on communities and the state.

The FCA’s fact sheet is a brief look at how much the arts do impact Florida not only with education but also in communities.

An overview of the FCA’s platform in PDF format. It explains how they plan to achieve their results to make Florida a more arts and culture friendly community.

This link is talking points designed to show how arts and culture have significantly impacted the community. it also has statistics that back up the number of job that have been created thanks to the Florida Cultural Alliance and many other local organizations.

The economic impact report (PDF) demonstrates the impact of the different arts and culture foundations and organizations and how they are helping local and the state economy.

Florida Division of Cultural Affairs

Culture Builds Florida is led by the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs. It is a movement trying to create a more successful, vibrant Florida with the help of culture and arts.

National Endowment for the Arts

pdficon_small   –   Arts Effects on at Risk Youth – This report examines arts-related variables from four large datasets— three maintained by the U.S. Department of Education and one by the Department of Labpr– to understand the relationship between arts engagement and positive academic and social outcomes in children and young adults of low socioeconomic status. It was conducted by James Catterall from the University of California Los Angeles, the analyses show that achievement gaps between high- and low- SES groups appear to be mitigated for children and young adults who have arts-rich backgrounds.

Every year, the NEA issues an annual report about the impacts that different arts background and culture have on communities. For more information and to view the reports please visit the link.